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Thank you for visiting the official website of Yulung Paint Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Please be sure to read the legal statement entirety before visiting or using the website. If you continue to use the website, you’re agree to accept this legal statement entirety. The following statement is to remind visitors that any unauthorized use of any information disclosed on the Yulung Paint’s website may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, and other relevant laws and regulations and may result in legal liability.

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If the content of the website is the work of another copyright owner, the original copyright owner's consent must be obtained before the material or information can be used.

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The website also contains trade names, service names, specific words, symbols, colors, sounds, three-dimensional shapes, or other trademarks that Yulung Paint have registered. The trade names, service names, specific words, symbols, colors, sounds, three-dimensional shapes or other trademarks disclosed on the Yulung Paint’s website are also trademarks or logos used exclusively by Yulung Paint to recognize its products or services. Yulung Paint does not waive its intellectual property rights in any other trademarks or logos not disclosed on the website.

Without the written permission or authorization of Yulung Paint, no entity or individual may commit any of the following acts of infringement:
  • The use of the same or similar trademarks (including the same or similar pronunciation) on the same products, services or similar products or services as the above trademarks.
  • Selling products or services that infringe the exclusive rights of the above trademarks.
  • Forging or making unauthorized copies of the above trademarks or selling forged or unauthorized copies of the above trademarks.
  • Changing the trademark of Yulung Paint and putting into the market.
  • Using the same or similar (including pronouncing the same or similar) trademark as the above trademark as a trade name or packaging for the same or similar products, and misleading consumers as an intentional infringement of the exclusive rights of the above trademark.

Yulung Paint does not warrant the accuracy or suitability of any information disclosed on the Yulung Paint’s website. Such information is provided "as is" and Yulung Paint disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property rights. Yulung Paint reserves the right to modify any product or program disclosed on the Yulung Paint’s website without further notice.

Neither Yulung Paint nor its suppliers shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including those arising out of the use of the Yulung Paint website or any linked site, or from any documents or information disclosed on the Yulung Paint website or any linked site, even if Yulung Paint has been advised in advance of the possibility of such damages.

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If there are any changes to the "Copyright Policy", Yulung Paint will not be notified. If there is an information change to this policy that results in privacy practices, Yulung Paint will post a notice on the website (Newsroom) before the change becomes effective.

Last change: May 14, 2021

If you become aware of any content on the Yulung Paint’s website or any other user of Yulung Paint’s services that infringes on your copyright, please notify Yulung Paint immediately.

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